Couples in Tabletop Games Industry #Episode1

From preserving old games for their kids to owning a board game company. Meet Nigerian couples; Bolanle and Valentine of Nostalgic Games and Toys

Humans tend to be hoarders when they really like something – there is an innate need to protect it and keep it for generations to come. It was the same feeling Bolanle and Valentine Igure had as they tried to preserve old games they had enjoyed as kids.

The motive was simple. They wanted their own children to enjoy the same vintage game. Years later, they had gone on to become board game designers, joining the other new-age pioneers building the important blocks in the growing Nigerian board game industry.

The couple run a table top design company called Nostalgic Games and Toys that are publishers of Igure Table Soccer. They also manufacture life sized games. Bolanle is a Finance Expert, Consultant, Chartered Accountant, Inventor and Arbitrator. Valentine is an Event Content Creator, Inventor, Space Manager and Designer. Both combining creative forces to make nostalgic games, all from Nigeria.

Marriage is an amazing union, still, most people would rather not work with their spouses. This is not the case with the Igures as Bolanle describes the collaboration as fulfilling.

They said, “Very exciting and fulfilling. The collaboration has been very rewarding for us.” They also noted that the best thing about working together in the board game industry is the rich depth of creativity they derive from each other.

On handling creative differences, the Igures explained that it worked just fine with them and gave the needed balance. They said, “We rely on each other’s strengths and are open to suggestions and criticisms. We are a team.”

The two are some of the leading forces propelling the growth of the industry in Nigeria and duly note that in recent times, board games have become a cool thing among the audience.

According to them, the industry is “rising slowly. Nigerians are beginning to appreciate board games and it is becoming a regular feature at events, at lounges, clubs.

“The potentials are just being tapped. It is a growth area and will require a lot of investment. We are a social people and we love to play so table top games are a good tool to provide play items for the general populace

More so, they have called on more people to participate in growing the industry as there are loads of untapped opportunities or as they put it, “Please dive into it. The water is deep and lots of fish to catch.” Let something inspire you about the industry. It needs you.

For more information; visit Nostalgic Games and Toy Website

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