Village War: The Calamity Boardgame is Launched!

The long awaited epic-war boardgame from Nigeria is launched. This was done during the Spiel Digital Fair that occurred from Oct, 22 to Oct 25, 2020.

Here is what you need to know:

Village War: The Calamity  is a card drafting, resource management and spirit war game. The theme and narration is a combination of the history, folklore, myths and our fantasy of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria, Africa.

Game components

During game setup, players each take their own village (including 10 different warriors, 11 resources which are selected randomly, 3 artifacts and their wall). Their aim is to win the battle and earn ‘more’ resources as tributes paid from other players.

The winner is the player with their highest VP(a sum of tributes collected and warrior power rank).

A priest from Ezaa village

Please note: warriors are different and some of them possesses unique powers to form COMBOs during the war! And the artifacts are gifts from the gods with fierce powers. As players, you also have the chance to buy new artifacts during game play.

1 of 16 different artifacts

Village War: The Calamity is the first of 5 game sequel that exposes the Igbo culture more than any game in history. The game story (12 pages) narrates the inspirations behind the artwork and the story. And we featured masquerades, Priest(ess) and other creatures with Igbo origin in mind.

Village War: The Calamity

For more Information:

Description, Rulebook and Story (Download in German and English) – BOARDGAMEGEEK

Unboxing video – YOUTUBE

Story of Village War –YOUTUBE

Play-through (BEGIN from time: 11:30) – TWITCH TV

Demo by Eric Martins and Kenechukwu Ogbuagu – BGG – SPIEL Digital DEMO

For Purchase:


USA/Canada – COWRIES GAMES (Closes NOVEMEBR 30th 2020)

Worldwide: NIBCARD Games Pre-order page

Join this fantansy Igbo village war and see what fate Chi has planned for you! As it is said in Igbo language; “Ebe onye dara ka chi ya kwaturu ya“. Where one falls is where his god pushed him down

What does fate bear for Umueri?

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  1. Helmer Aslaksen says:

    Where can I get this?

    1. Kc says:

      Hi, we are sorry our payment system does not work for customers outside Nigeria but you can send us a direct mail via our contact for games you would like to purchase.

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