Nigerian Board Games Shine At Nasarawa Twitter Hangout


You should know by now that adding board games to your events is the best gift for your guests. If you doubt, ask guests at the Nasarawa Twitter Hangout who could not stop playing board games.

The best part was that majority of the games were made in Nigeria which shows us how far the Nigerian board game industry has come. among the games played were ‘Wan Wan Touch’, ‘So You Think You Are Nigerian’, ‘Homia’ and ‘Luku Luku’.

Gaming at Nasarawa Hangout

It was easy to see the cheer on the faces of the players as creative director of NIBCARD Games, Kenechukwu Ogbuagu put them through. Don’t worry, we shared pictures.

This is also a gentle reminder that you can purchase any of the games on this website or stop by the cafe for an in-house gaming experience.

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