Nigerian Designer Launches a Card Game Collection- Instant Series!

Instant Series is a set of fun card games by Nigerian game designer; Olusanya Blessing Oluwafemi that can be learned under 5 minutes and is adaptable to a variety of settings ranging from educational, party, family and many more. It comprises 3 sets of games;

Instant Words: A contest of fast examples

The prevailing rule of instant words is that the first player to correctly respond to the current category gets the card.

It is played with a selected/elected games master, or players taking turns as games master with a special group mode to accommodate more players.

Content: 104 playing cards, 400+ categories, rule book.

3-15 players, ages 8+, 15-45 minutes to play

  • Instant Letters: A game of speed anagramming

Instant letters is a points-based game of anagrams. Players are to rearrange and create correct words from a shuffled selection of 8 cards within a time limit of 60 seconds. Points are allocated based on words formed.

Content: 54 playing cards, 60 seconds sand timer, rule book

  • Instant Numbers: the arithmetic contest game.

Players compete to earn the most points (indicated on the cards top) by taking on arithmetical challenges as indicated on each flipped card and resolving as many as possible within time limits of 60 seconds.

Content: 64 playing cards, 60 seconds sand timer, rule book.


Pre-order all Instant series here;

Pre-order all Instant Words here;

Pre-order runs till 10th January 2021 with order fulfillment from 20th January – 20th February 2021

Instant Series is published by Centroid Games; an indie game business with the instant series as their first official game release. According to founder, Oluwafemi Olusanya, “We are keenly interested in gamification and Tabletop Games as a tool for active learning in education as indicated in the 21st Centroid Games Concept”.

He further said, “The 21st centroid games concept is a result of design thinking focused on use of boardgames in gamification for active learning and education. We are excited to announce that initial proceeds from the instant series sale would go to kickstarting its implementation”.

Details of their concept can be found here: 21st Centroid Games Concept


Instagram: @centroid_games            Twitter: @centroid_games

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