Yes! Precious Wonah aka Boardgame Presh Has Played 100 games


100. That is the number of games Precious Wonah has played. Known in the board game industry as Boardgame Presh, Wonah has built a solid game coaching and review career in less than a year.

In April 2019, a month after the NIBCARD Games Cafe was opened, Wonah birthed the Boardgame Presh brand out of her love for all things board games. She discovered her uncanny talent for learning games fast and being able to teach others to play with simple terms.

Board game Presh

It was all a hobby. It still is one enjoyable hobby that she holds dear. As at today, she has played over a 100 games with more games in her lineup. The best part is that her love for board games have drawn others to the industry.

The simplicity of her reviews, shared online, has gotten more people curious about the benefits of board games. Her pleasant personality serves as a warm base for strangers to be captured into the amazing nature of board games.

Describing the feeling of hitting 100 board games, she said, “It feels amazing, exciting and fulfilling! At first, there was no goal as to how many board games I can play, I just wanted to learn, play and teach board games. But sometime in May, I realized I had played over 60 board games! And it felt fulfilling.

“So I made a plan to play at least a 100 before the African Board Games Convention 2019, and here we are! It’s not just that I can play these games but that I’ve been able to interest and introduce people to modern board games, which means increased awareness in Nigeria. I hope to do more come 2020.”

Out of the 100, she has played Splendor, Azul, Machi Koro, Homia, Safe Journi, Luku Luku, Sherriff of Nottingham, Wan Wan Touch, Code names, Stone Age. We look forward to her next 100 games.

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