The Best Things About 2019 AB Con

The 2019 edition of the African Board game Convention (AB Con) has come and gone but one week later, we are still recovering from the fun. In case you missed it, here are some of the best moment.

  1. The conversations: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu and Joy Sani had an amazing panel discussion that x-rayed the growth of the Nigerian board game industry in the last decade. It also examined the growth prospects for the next decade and we can confidently say, the industry will explode.
2019 AB Con

2. The people: Every corner was filled with board game enthusiasts and people who were finding out about board-games for the first time. The vibe was warm and it was exciting to watch everyone sit back, relax and just play games.

Guests at 2019 AB Con

3. The games: With over 300 games present, AB Con was a blast. This was a big come-up from previous editions and the people were pleased with the variety available.

4. The children: They stole the show with the interesting ways they played games and the eagerness to learn new ones. The best part was the chess competition.

Children chess competition at AB Con

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