African Boardgame Convention (AB Con)

AB Con is a yearly board game convention that started in 2016 at the heart of Nigeria. It is recognized as arguably the first Board game convention in West Africa by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Originating from a country of almost two hundred million people, the convention aims to;

  • Promote boardgaming in region
  • Promote an active Tabletop gaming community in Nigeria
  • Encourage playing new games from across the world including made in Nigeria games.
  • Recognize and award individuals, groups and communities promoting boardgaming.

Media mention: Daily Trust, NTA, Premium Times

AB Con Kids!

In 2019, AB Con introduced a new convention called AB Con Kids. The convention is created for children featuring competitions and game design workshops. AB Con Kids recognizes the positive effect of using Boardgames as a tool to improve learning outcomes hence, work with teachers in schools and out of schools to create a lasting good experience for children.

For booking and parternship please reach us through our contact page.